Wood Windows & Installation In Wooster, Ohio With Maintenance Free Vinyl Exteriors

Aeris windows are manufactured in Sugarcreek Ohio by Provia, the same company whose entry & storm doors we install.  Being a custom-oriented company, we love the fact that these durable windows have real wood interiors that look great! The side that will weather is on the outside and is made of vinyl, keeping the customers home protected.  Moreover, Aeris windows has signature designer styling with a full range of popular options available for purchase. 

Full frame window replacement and installation is our specialty, which includes replacing the wood frame or trim around the window. So these durable windows are a great fit with our philosophy of thorough and precise craftsmanship.

enclosed porch after 1

Furthermore, the windows are uniquely engineered through a patented system that fully integrates real wood interiors with maintenance free vinyl exteriors. This system was designed with the customers in mind who value the beauty of the wood but also the functionality of the vinyl.

The insulated framing on the Aeris window interiors offers superior construction to wood replacement windows. The windows are made from the customers choice of oak, cherry, or maple. They can aslo be stained and re-stained, or painted to fit the customers individual style. In conclusion, we are glad to provide you with the comfort of knowing you have one of the most durable, beautiful and energy efficient home replacement window systems available.  

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