These custom Energywall windows are made by Polaris Technologies and are only available to select contractors in each geographical area. We offer Energywall window installation in Fredericksburg, and surrounding areas like Ashland, Wooster, and Dalton, Ohio.

If energy efficiency is most needed in your home at a value price, then this is the window we recommend. 

Why Energywall?

  • Low U Value (how well it keeps the heat in your home)–.24
  • High R Value (resistance to heat escaping thru the window frame) –4.17
  • Low Solar Heat Gain (resistance to heating coming in the window) –.27
  • High Condensation Resistance – 64
  • Lots of standard features, including upgraded screens, stainless steel spacers, triple weatherstripping & high tech fillings.
Get your Energywall window installation done today by our trusted experts in Fredericksburg, Ohio. Call us now to set up an appointment!
Want to know more about the windows we install at Miller Custom Exteriors, visit our windows page.
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