12 Questions You Need to Ask Before You Decide on a Siding Contractor in Ohio Part 2

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Updated on January 11th, 2024

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In a previous post about questions you need to ask a prospective siding contractor in Ohio, we discussed the first two critical questions. The first question was “What kind of experience does your company have”? In case you missed the article, this question is critical because experience in the industry means several things. First, a company with decades of experience verses a start-up company is going to have a proven track record that you can research, as well as a much greater chance of remaining in business for the lifetime of your product, which is crucial if your siding has a warranty. Companies with experience will also have the knowledge and understanding to work through any issue they may encounter during your siding installation, and they can be researched for awards, better Business Bureau Rating and referrals from customers.

The second component we discussed was the crew – whether or not the crew is a subcontracted entoty or full time employees of the company. Ideally, you will want to choose a company that has full time employees – these employees will have the experience and the knowledge to do your job well, as well as falling under the accountability of the company.

The questions we want to discuss today that you should as a siding contractor in Ohio area…

Does your company have any complaints registered with the BBB?

This is a critical question, and one, fortunately, that it is easy to find the answer to. Here in Ohio, you can simply go to the Better Business Bureau’s website, or call 1-800-825-8887 to check on a company’s complaint record using their telephone number or business name. The reason that the BBB is a trusted organization is that not only do they field complaints from consumers who feel they have no other option, but they work with the companies as well to help them understand how to best meet their customer’s needs. If a complaint is filed, the company has a chance to make the complaint right, but the original complaint will still be in record for other consumers to view. In addition, the company ratings are easy to understand. Like school – companies with spotless records get an A, and the grade lowers for more complaints received.

Are all workers on the job insured?

This is a critical question. It is very smart to ensure that you are working with a company that has liability insurance and workmen’s compensation expenses binders which cover your home AND their employees (or SUBS, if they use them). The company should be able to provide you with specific documentation to show they bear responsibility. If the company does not insure its workers and there is an accident on the jobsite, you could be responsible for the cost of the care through your home-owner’s insurance.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s edition, where we will cover more critical questions you should ask when choosing a siding contractor for your Ohio home!

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