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Updated on January 11th, 2024

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Are you choosing functional and inviting decor to create a welcoming first impression of your home? When it comes to a grand entryway, it can take more than just a nice doorway and windows from Miller Custom Exteriors. From the porch, door decor, and the foyer of your home, we want to help give you a few ideas to make it great.

Your home should create a welcoming feel from the outside in. When installing a new door and window set, we like to help you pick styles that start that make it easy. A simple door hanging, like a wreath, can add a finished feel and make for easy changing. Adding a few outdoor plants, seating, or a grapevine tree can add to the entryway’s welcoming feeling if you have porch space around your door.

If your home has a foyer area, this is the perfect space to work with. Having a designated place for coats, bags, and keys helps create a feeling that you have prepared for their needs. A small addition that benefits you and your guests is wall hooks. When mounting, be sure the hooks are securely placed into studs to avoid them tearing out of the wall and leaving belongings on the floor.

Adding a small bench or seat can help those with balance issues regarding footwear. With many homes being a place where shoes are removed at the door, having readily available seating allows guests to safely be able to take shoes off or put them back on. A small seating option helps them do so without feeling like they are tracking outdoor debris into your home.

Wall coverings, like a mirror or canvas, can be a great addition to your entryway. Art is an easy changeable option that allows you to adjust the decor for things like seasons or special holidays. There are many style options, too. You can choose from one large piece or have several smaller pieces to create a gallery wall feel.

Rugs play into the welcoming decor but also the functionality of your entryway. Indoor rugs are beneficial when you don’t have a super-designated foyer space but want to have a simulated entryway. Some homes have indoor and outdoor, but feel free to choose just one if you prefer! Either way, these rugs allow guests to wipe their shoes and subconsciously understand the designated space.

When planning for your entryway upgrades, such as doors and windows, Miller Custom Exteriors is ready to help you find new pieces for your home’s style and budget!

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