Metal Roofing in Ohio – Different Types of Metal Roofing

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Updated on January 11th, 2024

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In the second part of our series on how to choose a metal roofing contractor in Ohio for your home, let’s talk about the styles and grades of metal roofing. Metal roofing is NOT all made the same, and there are several different styles you can choose from that will accomplish different needs for your home.

Styles & Grades of Metal Roofing

Many homeowners think of that quaint old metal roofing that we see oftentimes on old barns when one thinks of today’s metal roofing. Of course, you CAN still buy the old style tin roof if that is what you want for your home or your project. If you want to use that kind of roofing on your home, there are a couple different options for you to consider. One is the corrugated panels, made of steel or galvanized aluminum. There are also ribbed panels that are stiffer than the regular corrugated panels. These are the exposed fastener style of metal roofing, which means they are screwed down from the top, or outside of the roof into the sheeting. There can be as many as 2000 fasteners in a single roof, so care must be taken to seal each whole to prevent leaking. Sealing those small holes is crucial to the effectiveness of your roof and the prevention of damage to your home, so you will want to take care when questioning your metal roofing contractor about how these holes will be sealed and what kind of warranty they have specifically on that seal, if any.

These options are at the lower budget end of the metal roofing spectrum, but many do have 40 year warranties (the galvanized steel will have a 20-30 year warranty most likely, though), which is a significant improvement over the traditional asphalt roof warranty of 15 to 18 years.

The Standing Seam Roof

The next grade and style of metal roofing is standing seam roof, in which the fasteners are concealed by the seams, which are spaced every 12 to 18 inches. The flat expanses between the seams are at risk for “oil-canning” or waviness. The metal in between the seams, in other words, can buckly slightly, causing a rippled effect in the roof. Warranties on this type of roofing product range from 20 to 40 years, so be sure to ask your metal roofing contractor about the specifics of the warranty in this case, and exactly what parts are covered. The cost of this product is a mid to upper range in the spectrum of metal roofing products.

Metal Shingles and Metal Slate

The top grade of metal roofing is metal shingles and metal slate roofing. This roofing looks like traditional shingles or slate, but is made in four foot sections that interlock on all four edges of the section. They also have hidden clips. The warranty is 40 years on the paint finish & lifetime on the materials which converts to a 50 year warranty when transferred. This roofing is in the upper price level, but will be the last roof you as a homeowner ever put on your home if you choose to go with this option.

As with any investment in your home, take care when choosing your metal roofing contractor in Ohio. Be sure to question them closely about the materials used and the different parts of the warranties offered on the material and on the labor involved in replacing your roof.

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