What You Can Expect From Our Professional Roof Installation

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Updated on January 11th, 2024

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Miller Custom Exteriors is a full-service contractor with decades of experience. This experience is most important when it comes to having a new roof installed. A roof is an essential element to any home, so why leave this important project to someone without much experience?

Metal roofs are an alternative material that is capable of holding up through the toughest environments and can provide you with year-round benefits in all four seasons in Ohio.
On warm, sunny days metal roofs are proven by the Metal Roofing Alliance to save you money on cooling costs. Metal roofs are able to reflect the sun’s powerful rays and reduce the heat absorbed during the warmest times of the year. On the other end of the spectrum, metal roofs can also give you added insulation during winter months. This can help you reduce air infiltration and help to keep your home warmer when the temperatures drop.

When unique weather events, such as high winds come through your neighborhood, metal roofs are tough and durable enough to withstand those winds and whatever the wind may bring down on top of your home. They are also resistant to mildew, rust, and mold which makes them ideal in spring showers, snow, and hail events.
Lastly, metal roofs are extremely durable during extreme temperature fluctuations. Unlike other roof materials, metal roofs do not expand and contract due to a change in the temperature. Metal roofs can easily adapt to all climates without cracking, chipping, or breaking. Metal roofs are even more fire resistant than other roofing materials in worst-case scenarios.

Due to these features which help them last throughout all four seasons metal roofs are preferred by homeowners. Plus, metal roofs can last two or three times longer than traditional roofs.

Even though metal roofs are lightweight, it takes a professional metal roofing company to secure them correctly, in order to ensure they last. A professional installation contractor can properly fasten the roof to withstand the weather year-round, plus properly reduce vibration and noise.
The Miller Custom Exteriors roofing team can ensure that your old roof is removed safely and disposed of due to the potentially hazardous materials on older roofs. We can also install the proper underlayment to support your new roof. Miller’s roofing experts can make you aware of the progress that’s being made throughout both the prep and waste removal processes. Plus we will make sure that your home is safe and intact throughout the entire process.

We can install the best available metal roofs from our trusted manufacturers with our unique professionalism. Contact Miller Custom Exteriors today to get started installing your new roof!

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