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Updated on January 11th, 2024

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Gutters are not exactly the most glamorous part of your home. They fill with water and can get clogged with leaves and other debris. That gets gross fast, and no one likes to clean out the gutters, but if you want to maintain the integrity of your home, it must be done unless you get guards for your gutters. So let’s talk first about seamless gutters, then we will speak of gutter guards.

To begin, no seams in a seamless gutter means no leaks. This helps ensure that water is carried away from your home, reducing excessive water infiltration around your foundation or into your basement. Our seamless design also helps maintain the strength and integrity of the gutter system, so expansion, contraction, freezing, and strong winds have little or no impact on our seamless steel gutter.

And it looks great, too! ABC Seamless Designer gutters, installed by Miller Custom Exteriors, are custom cut on-site for an exact fit, blending perfectly with the soffit and fascia of your home. Lower-grade gutter systems often look like an afterthought, literally tacked on to the eaves of a house. Our approach integrates precisely with the existing structure. The result? A gutter that can actually enhance the curb appeal and value of your home.

Some of the benefits of ABC Seamless:

  • 33% LARGER — our gutters quickly drain water off your roof, so there’s less chance of overflow–which can damage your landscaping and home foundation.
  • Durable — will stand up to fallen branches, hail, and ladders.
  • Hidden gutter hangers –in most situations, roof straps aren’t necessary. These are invisible from the ground.
  • Extra long screws — stay securely fastened to your home & won’t pull away like other attachment methods
  • 28 Colors that match ABC Seamless siding colors and trim.

The Designer Gutter features durable downspout extensions that flip up, making it easier to mow your lawn. When flipped down, our larger downspout extensions carry water farther away from your home’s foundation.

Miller Custom Exteriors also proudly installs Gutter Bonnets and gutter guards. They block leaves and debris from entering your gutters and clogging them up, saving you time and keeping you from the potentially dangerous job of cleaning your gutters.

For those in the Fredericktown, Ohio, area, Miller Custom Exteriors is proud to be a certified installer of ABC Seamless Gutters and Gutter Bonnet. We are also pleased to offer our customers several financing options for their home projects! We believe in the benefits of the products and services we provide, which is why we offer a 15-year product warranty with every installation and ABC’s limited lifetime warranty on their products.

Miller Custom Exteriors has over 50 years of experience serving Canton, Massilon, Stark County, Ohio, and surrounding areas. Contact us online or call us today at 800-589-4905 to discuss your next home improvement project.

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