Six Reasons to Choose Metal Roofing in Ohio

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Updated on January 11th, 2024

Miller Custom Exteriors
Miller Custom Exteriors

If you are one of the thousands of homeowners in Ohio looking for a new roof this year, you are faced with many choices from many different companies. One of the basic decisions, however, that you will have to make is going to be whether to purchase a metal roof or a traditional asphalt shingle roof. If your budget is limited and your longevity expectation for the roof is not long, then an asphalt shingle roof may be the best choice for your home. On the other hand, if you are able to base your decision on quality and performance, then you will want to seriously consider metal roofing for your Ohio home.

Why would you want to choose metal roofing? Here are a few of the reasons:

  1. Durability – metal roofing products are much more durable and long lasting than traditional asphalt shingle roofs. Depending on the shingle you choose for an asphalt roof, you can expect a lifetime of 10 to 30 years, knowing that at the end of that time frame, you WILL have to replace your roof, yet again. With metal roofing products, you can get lifetime, transferrable warranties that guarantee that you will never again have to fork out money to replace your roof.
  2. Beauty – typical asphalt shingles can come in a variety of colors, but most of those colors have a dark undertone to them and may not match the color of your home. Metal roofing comes in a wide variety of bright, vibrant colors that are warranted against fading or rusting, guaranteeing that your home will have a stunning roof for many, many years to come.
  3. Environmentally friendly -Metal roofing has a number of environmental advantages, including the fact that the steel it is made with is 100% recyclable and contains a minimum of 25% recycled materials.
  4. American made – Since the metal roofing we use here in Ohio does not require crude oil in its manufacturing (as asphalt does) and can be manufactured using products entirely made in America.
  5. Reduction in energy costs – several colors of metal roofing are certified Energy Star rated – which means they can channel the heat of the sun away from your home and reduce your energy costs significantly.
  6. Virtually maintenance free – Sure, some people do enjoy getting up on their roofs and nailing in a new shingle on occasion, but most of us…simply do not. With a metal roof on your Ohio home, you can be guaranteed that you will never have to perform any type of maintenance on your home. For many homeowners, this a big relief, especially as we look forward to spending our retirement years in our homes.

Metal roofing can be considered a strong investment for your Ohio home. Its durability, lifetime warranty, energy savings and maintenance free promise make this product a wise choice, and for many, the only choice when wanting to create a haven for friends and family that will remain strong and steady for generations to come.

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