Don’t Miss Out On The Benefits Of New Windows

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Updated on January 11th, 2024

Miller Custom Exteriors
Miller Custom Exteriors

When it comes to improving your home there are several ways to go. You can update rooms throughout a house to modernize the look. You can focus on swapping old appliances for new ones. You could install a new roof. Or, you can go with a simple and obvious improvement any home needs — either to improve your daily living or to increase its market value — replacement windows.

There are a variety of benefits to updating the windows throughout your home.
For starters, installing new windows on your home can increase its overall curb appeal. By putting a bow window in your living or simply modernizing the windows throughout your home, you can add value to your home as well as get windows that suit your taste.

Another benefit to installing new windows is that you can be assured of efficiency gains. This is particularly important in states like Ohio where summers can be as unbearable as the winters. With re-placement windows in Ohio homes, you can actually help upgrade your energy efficiency.

Older windows (like single-pane glass windows) are a major source of energy leakage. If you have ever been near a drafty window, you can understand how energy leakage is an issue. Drafty, outdated, inefficient windows can cause your air conditioner to work harder in the summertime and your furnace to do the same in the depths of winter.

New windows from a reputable, local window installer can alleviate any concerns of energy leakage when the energy efficiency of your entire home is considered.
When your windows are drafty, don’t suit your current tastes, or are falling into disrepair it may be time for you to consider replacement windows.

If you are looking to get replacement windows to match your style, modernize them, or are looking for a way to save on energy costs contact Miller Custom Exteriors today. We are an exterior remodel-ing company that has been performing window replacements across the Cleveland area for decades.

We specialize in rough opening replacements for windows too.
This process entails removing old, damaged trim along with the old windows. Then, we install new insulation between the wall and window frame in order to create a tight seal and stop air leakage around the new window before installing the new trim. We can also install or replace window sills even at homes that do not have any.

Our window replacement experts can install new windows for your, repair or replace the window trim, and can help fit you with the windows that are right for you. We can even help you find windows that work within your budget. Our window installers are have undertaken the most rigorous credentials in the industry in order to install the perfect windows for your home!

Miller Custom Exteriors has over 50 years of experience serving Canton, Massilon, Stark County, Ohio, and surrounding areas. Contact us online or call us today at 800-589-4905 to discuss your next home improvement project.

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