Frequently Asked Questions

General Home Upgrade & Home Improvement Professionals Questions:

To let you know exactly how much your project will cost and guarantee our price in writing for 30 days, our home improvement professionals need to do the following:

  • Set up a specific time to meet with you.
  • We will then have our home improvement professionals carefully measure every inch of the remodeling project, discuss the products and options available with you and have you examine a sample of the appropriate product.
  • You are not required to make a decision at that time.

We realize that your time is precious, and we find when we do not follow this procedure and “ballpark” an estimate without all decision makers present we end up frustrating people with a very inaccurate estimate. We can also save your valuable time with an in-home renovation estimate because we can answer all decision makers’ questions at this initial meeting.

We do not offer senior “discounts”, a special price if you “buy today”, etc. because we consider those tactics sales gimmicks. That is, we would have to raise our “list price” to cover the “discount” we would be giving you. Instead, we give you the best price we can–no matter your age or whether you clipped a coupon. Sometimes, our suppliers will offer sales or offers & we will pass those on to you if they are available at the time of your purchase. We just want to be fair and honest with people. Period.

Miller Custom Exteriors lays down floor protection in all areas were we will be renovating and walking in your house and we take care not to damage your landscaping as well. Should we dirty the floor, we’ll gladly have it professionally cleaned for you by our affiliated company. We also respect your household by prohibiting our workers from using loud radios, profanity or smoking on the job site.

The various types of Miller Custom Exteriors apparel can easily identify all Miller Custom Exteriors employees and all work crews drive clearly marked company trucks.

If something happens on your property and the company at fault has little or no coverage, you might end up being financially responsible. Miller Custom Exteriors carries a $2,000,0000 policy for liability and a commercial umbrella policy of an additional $1,000,000 that covers things such as auto accidents and personal injury to give our company and our customers full & thorough protection in case of damage, injury or accidents. We recommend that you contact our insurance agent directly to confirm that our policy is current.

Checking a company’s record with the Better Business Bureau is a must. It’s easy; just call 800-825-8887. All you have to do is input the company’s phone number that you are investigating. Miller Custom Exteriors has always had a satisfactory rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Miller Custom Exteriors has a full time service manager on staff, so when you have an issue, he will come to your house in a timely manner. He will fix the issue or order the replacement parts and return to install them at another time. Whether its 10 days or 10 years later, if you have any issues caused by manufacturers’ or workmanship defect, we will take care of them.

Want to see what we can do for you? Visit our photo gallery pages to look at work we have done for our satisfied customers.

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