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Your home’s roof is probably the most crucial part of your home’s exterior. Whether you choose metal roofing or asphalt, both take the most abuse from nature & can cause extensive, devastating damage if it leaks or fails. Near Fredricksburg Ohio, there are no requirements or licensing to become a roofer. All you need is a ladder and a truck. This is why homeowners need to be extremely careful when choosing a roofer.

Why Choose Us For Your Roof Replacement or Re-Roofing?

Most roofers would never talk about making mistakes, but the truth is no company is perfect. Manufacturers’ warranties seem ironclad and fabulous when a roof is brand new, but it’s how a company deals with things when they go wrong that tells you whether they are trustworthy or not. We’ve installed roofs for over 25 years and been in the home improvement business for 49. We’ve had our share of products and manufacturers that haven’t lived up to their claims and we’ve replaced windows, siding and roofing at our own expense.

For us, its just living out our motto: “We do it right or we do it over” In the tradition of our slightly obsessive Mennonite heritage, we strive to be honest, thorough, precise and respectful when we work on your home.

We’re not the cheapest, but we never cut corners either. Once we work for you, we will take care of you.

More information about the metal and asphalt roofing products we install near Medina, Canton, Akron, Dover, and New Philadelphia, Ohio, can be found by clicking the logos below!


We were extremely happy with the results of our remodel. Our project required roof, siding, stone, porch, window wraps and gutters. Our first meeting with Sam the salesmen was so impressive. He listened to our ideas and worked with both of us to ensure he was meeting our dream. Also, the crews that arrived were professional and craftsmen. Our job required a lot of custom elements and they were all performed with the most care and skill. We couldn’t have ask for a better experience. I would highly recommend your company to anyone looking to have their homes remodeled. 

Michael and Melanie Smith, Zanesville, Ohio

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