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12 Pertinent Questions to Ask When Deciding on a Siding Contractor in Ohio

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Information is key in any industry, and that is no less true than when deciding on a siding contractor in Ohio for your home. Without having the proper information or a list of key questions to ask, the consumer can end up spending a lot of money on a project that ends up not living up to the expectations of the homeowner. And let’s face it, most of us are not siding experts, so knowing what you need to know is the first step to making a good decision.

Price is probably foremost on your mind if you are looking to replace your siding on your Ohio home. Price is important, certainly, and staying within your budget is important. But there are many different styles of siding to choose from, with different finishes, options and warranties available. Choosing a vinyl siding might seem like the more cost efficient option at first, but other factories like warranty and energy savings may change your mind. Some sidings are designed to last a lifetime, and others only a few years.

This five part series from Miller Custom Exteriors will explain everything you need to know in order to ask the right questions and make the most informed decision regarding your Ohio home.

Some of the first questions you will want to ask the prospective siding contractor for your home are going to be about the company itself. Here are two great questions to start with.

1. What kind of experience does your company have?

In any situation, the more experience a company has the better. Extensive experience in the field gives the homeowner peace of mind, knowing that any situation that can be encountered on a job site has probably already been encountered before. If problems do arise, an experienced company has more knowledge and skill to solve them. Some companies have only a year or two in business (if that) and are not yet proven in the field. Other companies have decades of experience, a solid track record and a longevity that will bode well for the continuation of the company should any needs arise in the future with your project. Foreman and crew experience are important as well – you may want to ask what kind of tenure that foremen of the crews have, so you can rest assured that your job will be done right by an experienced crew.

One way to check out experience for a company is to check into their awards. Remodeling Magazine has a list of companies that it has names “Big 50 Remodelers”, and NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry) also gives outstanding companies awards. The BBB is another great place to check on the company you are looking at.

Another facet of experience is to check out customer testimonials, which many companies place on their websites or they can be given by word of mouth, and previous customers and jobs if previous job sites are visited.

2. Are your installers Sub-contractors or full-time employees of your company?

Many, many companies use sub-contractors to complete their work to avoid having to insure them, payroll taxes and because of high turnover rates in the industry. Why is that a negative for a homeowner? Well, what it means is that the company you purchased the job from sells it to someone else to complete. This means that the original company has no say over who completes the job and really what they know. If there is a problem or complication the homeowner has to work with two companies to hopefully have the job completed to their satisfaction.

It is best to have your job done by a company who uses their own full-time employees; that way there is no confusion or complication as to who is ultimately responsible for your job. Full time installers are committed to one line of work and considered to be more craftsmen than laborers. A siding contractor in Ohio that uses full-time employees will give you as a homeowner the peace of mind knowing that your job was completed by one company, and that if any needs arise, you will know where to turn for your investment.

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