Benefits of Asphalt Roofing

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Updated on January 11th, 2024

Miller Custom Exteriors
Miller Custom Exteriors

When it comes to residential roofing, asphalt roofs have long been one of the top options. They offer any home a beautiful, affordable, and reliable roof. When choosing a new type of roof for your home, picking an asphalt style provides extensive benefits. Miller Custom Exteriors wants you to be informed when upgrading your home’s roof. So why do we recommend asphalt roofing?

Appearance – Because Asphalt roofs use a combination of asphalt tar and shingles, you can customize the look. Shingles vary in color, size, shape, and even texture. Shingles can be laid in different patterns to give your roof an extra level of depth or a flat edge-to-edge style for a timeless look. Asphalt roofing shingles can be customized to mimic the appearance of wood and stone or with a variating texture.

Affordable – Asphalt Roofing is very affordable. We use the best materials and are certified as Select Shinglemaster through Certainteed. With this elite certification, we are also able to offer extended warranties. Warranties allow us to give you more for your money and are uncommon in the roofing industry. Asphalt roofing also provides a low maintenance rate, saving you money compared to other roofing options.

Durability – When properly installed, asphalt shingle roofs last, on average, 30 years. They are leak-resistant and hold up well through extreme heat and cold when properly installed. They are a lightweight option which means they are less likely to lift but heavy enough not to need additional reinforcement. Asphalt shingles hold up so exceedingly well that often, they are repurposed into asphalt paving material when replaced.

On top of these main benefits, asphalt shingle roofing offers fire protection, sound reduction, and many other benefits to your home. For more information about upgrading your roof to a professionally installed asphalt shingle roof, call Miller Custom Exteriors at 800-589-4905.

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