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Updated on January 11th, 2024

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The beauty of fall in the Canton, Ohio area is phenomenal – but that beauty can become a real nuisance for your gutters. If you don’t have a gutter guard on your Canton Ohio home, you may be feeling the effects of all those falling leaves – light as a feather when falling, but solid as a rock when they lay in your gutters and clog up your water flow!

As a trusted home improvement company, we get tons of questions on what type of gutter guard is best for your gutter system in Canton Ohio or in the surrounding area. Truthfully, there are many different types of gutter guard that you can buy, but we at Miller Custom Exteriors have researched what is out there, and decided to make our own gutter guard, because we feel the current systems are not really up to par.

Here is why…

In Canton gutter guard is essential, as the city and surrounding rural areas have many trees in the landscape. In the city of Canton, though, you can also have a lot of debris being flung around by the cars on the interstate as well.

Most people only begin to think about gutter guard in the fall, when the leaves are coming down and causing problems. A good gutter guard system will protect your home’s gutters year round from all types of build up. The gutter debris that gathers is not limited to leaves. Sticks, dirt, plant seeds, feathers, nuts, even trash and man-made products can end up stuck in your gutters, and an efficient gutter guard will protect your gutters from all these things.

Did you know, too, that in some homes, the gutter system can be tied in with the sewer? This happens a lot in the urban areas. So if your gutters get clogged, guess what? Your sewer backs up, and back-flushes dirty sewer water into your pipes, your tub, toilet, sink, etc. At that point, you have an emergency on your hands and have to get it taken care of immediately, whether or not you are financially able to accommodate that kind of cost into your budget at the moment.

Miller Custom Exteriors has developed a gutter guard system that is fully guaranteed to work. After seeing the various problems with different gutter guards, such as the slotted and screen types clogging with wet debris and smaller particles, we developed a helmet for your gutter that works with the natural flow of water to wash debris right off your gutter system. In addition, this gutter guard is made of the same steel coil that our gutters are made of, and comes in all the different colors that we offer in gutters, so they match seamlessly.

So if you are looking for gutter guard in Canton Ohio, call us for a free estimate and to learn about our gutter guard system. Keep in mind that if you have a clogged gutter after installing our gutter guard system, we will come and clean it out for free! This is how confident we are that this system works the way it was designed to work. Call us today at 330.695.4905 and mention this blog post!

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