Reasons to Replace Your Windows

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Updated on January 11th, 2024

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Windows say a lot about your home. They create quite the look for your home exterior and a homey feel indoors. Updating your windows offers a lot of benefits to you as a homeowner. Let’s talk about some of the top reasons you should have new windows installed.

  1. New windows mean new window sills and seals that help keep drafts out of your home. Newer windows are designed to be more energy efficient. On average, energy costs see a 22% drop after window replacement.
  2. As windows age, they can warp and crack, metal frames corrode, and wooden frames rot. These things create a vulnerable spot for potential burglars. Windows can become defective the longer they are in use. Small cracks can lead to water leaks and condensation, damaging your home’s walls and insulation.
  3. A simple style change or home remodeling update is among the top, if not the top, reason to replace windows. From a change of frame color to the frame shape, changing your windows can give your home a brand-new feel.

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