Seamless Gutters & Gutter Guards

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Updated on January 11th, 2024

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Gutters are usually the last thing a homeowner thinks about when having to do repairs on a home. They could be more visually appealing. Therefore, they don’t stand out as an eye sore. Most people put them near the bottom of their home repair to-do list. Alas, gutters are one of the essential items to get looked at by a contractor to make sure they are cleared of all debris, such as leaves, and to prevent water build-up allowing a clean drain off your roof. So let’s examine how seamless gutters and gutter guards can help prevent your home from being damaged.

Our ABC seamless gutters are exactly what the name suggests: gutters with no seams. This helps prevent excessive water from being pushed into the foundation of the building by channeling the rainwater away from the exterior of the walls. The design of our seamless gutters was meticulously designed to also help maintain the strength and durability of the gutter system so that when strong winds, freezing temperatures, expansion, and contraction occur, it will have little to no effect on the gutter.

Lower-grade gutter systems often look shoddily put together and can make your house look like an eyesore. Here at Miller Custom Exteriors, not only do we pride ourselves on the design and reliability of our ABC Seamless Designer gutters, but also the style and visual appeal as well. Once hired as your contractor, we custom cut your gutter on-site for an exact fit, meshing perfectly with the soffit and fascia of your home. Our system integrates with the existing structure to make your house stand out from the crowd. ABC Seamless gutters come equipped with some great benefits:

  • 33% LARGER — our gutters quickly drain water off your roof, so there’s less chance of overflow–which can damage your landscaping and home foundation.
  • Durable — will stand up to fallen branches, hail, and ladders.
  • Hidden gutter hangers — in most situations, roof straps aren’t necessary. These are invisible from the ground.
  • Extra long screws — stay securely fastened to your home & won’t pull away like other attachment methods
  • 28 colors that match the ABC Seamless siding colors and trim.

The Designer Gutter features durable downspout extensions that flip up, making it easier to mow your lawn. When flipped down, our larger downspout extensions carry water farther away from your home’s foundation.

Here at Miller Custom Exteriors, we also provide gutter guards, most prominently known as Gutter Bonnet guards. Included as an add-on with our gutters, this blocks leaves and other nasty debris from clogging up your gutters, reducing the need for routine gutter cleanings that you would need to perform.

Representing Wayne County, Fredericksburg & Wooster in Ohio, Miller Custom Exteriors is proud to be a certified installer of the ABC Seamless Gutters and Gutter Bonnets. With a 15-year warranty with every installation and ABC’s lifetime warranty on their products, you don’t have any reasons to be unsure about working with us! We have several financing options for home projects, so feel free to contact us online or call us at 330-695-4905 for an estimate if you need more clarification.

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