Severe Weather and Your Home’s Exterior

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Updated on January 11th, 2024

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One of the most overlooked observances in March could cost you a lot of money in home improvement and repair. In Ohio, Severe Weather Awareness Week runs from March 21st-27th this year. Highlights from this week include severe thunderstorm awareness, flash flooding, and manufactured home preparedness. (Municipalities also test sirens and warning reception at this time.) How does this play into your home expenditures?

Severe weather itself may compromise your home’s structural integrity or, if you’re lucky, only cause more cosmetic damage. Think of broken windows, torn-off siding, or holes in your roof. These are repairs you can’t afford not to fix; after all, holes in your exterior will cause damage to your interior, too. That’s how Miller Custom Exteriors can help!

We’ve been helping customers with home improvement and exterior projects since 1976. We’ll install new windows, doors, siding, gutters, and roofs on your home. Our service area includes Fredericksburg and Wooster, Ohio and surrounding areas.

Our entryway and patio door solutions are customizable. We carry brands like Energy Wall, Polaris, and ProVia, so you can take comfort in knowing that your replacement doors will be high quality. We’ll install our durable ABC Seamless gutters and guards to prevent clogs in the future if wind and the debris it carries have damaged your gutters. If your roof didn’t come out unscathed from nature’s abuse, we’ll install metal or asphalt roofing with honesty, precision, respect, and over a quarter century of experience.

So if severe weather hasn’t taken a toll on your house this week, use this period to research preventive efforts that will help your home’s exterior in the long run. But if you haven’t been so fortunate, know that you can count on our team at Miller Custom Exteriors to get your home back to normal.

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