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Updated on January 11th, 2024

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Like mushrooms after a spring rain, many metal roofing contractors in Ohio have sprung up over the recent years. For the consumer, this can create some difficulty in choosing not only the correct metal roofing product for a home, but the right company to install it and maintain it over the lifetime of the roof.

Since not all metal roofing is created equal, this is the first installment of a series of articles on how to choose the right metal roofing contractor for your Ohio home, as well as the right product for your biggest investment.

Today, we will be covering metal roofing and how to determine if the warranty offered by your roofing contract is what you need for your situation or your expectations.

Metal Roofing Material Warranties

In metal roofing, the word “lifetime” is used quite a bit. The problem is, however, that many items the “lifetime” warranty on a roof has certain parts that it applies to. For instance, the warranty on edge rust on some systems is only 10 years – which could leave you with a roof with rusty, unappealing edges within a decade. Most consumer will mistakenly believe that a lifetime warranty a)really lasts the lifetime of their home and b) covers everything pertaining to their metal roof. This can be very far from the truth.

Some metal roofing contractors in Ohio only offer products with a separate finish (paint) warranty on the metal. The metal in this case, may be warranted for 50 years, or until the death of the current homeowner, or may be transferrable to another homeowner that may purchase your home in the future. The finish, however, may be warranted for a much shorter period of time, for perhaps 20 to 40 years. What this means is that if the finish on the metal fades or peels off, you may be responsible for the cost of re-painting your roof, which can be significant. The Arrowline Roofing products, however, carry a transferable, lifetime, non-prorated limited warranty with hail and fade protection – which protects the homeowner from fading colors, replacement costs in the event of hail damage and a product that is guaranteed by the manufacturer to last a lifetime.

As a consumer, you will also want to be sure you understand exactly what the “period” of the lifetime warranty is. Sometimes, a “lifetime” warranty is only a few decades, and other times, is genuinely represents the lifetime of the homeowner or the home.

Bottom line: Make sure you read the manufacturer’s warranty before you buy!

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