2 Final Questions to Ask a Siding Contractor in Ohio

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Updated on January 11th, 2024

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Previously, in our most recent installment of questions to ask a siding contractor in Ohio, we reviewed the clean-up of the job site and the ability to identify the workers. These may seem to be trivial things, but as we discussed, being able to identify the workers on a crew is critical – identity fraud is rampant these days, and you need to know who is on your property and in and around your home at all times. Having a crew that wears uniforms or identity badges is ideal, this way you know for sure that they are supposed to be there, and you can identify people who are not.

The job site cleanup is critical as well. You do not want leftover building materials lying about your lawn or home that people can get hurt on. You also do not want to have to spend time cleaning up after the clean up! Your home should be left in the same condition it was, aside from the new materials being installed on it.

Next, we have two final questions that you should ask a potential siding contractor in Ohio before you select a company.

What about trim options?

Many older homes have some unique and beautiful wood trim that needs to be wrapped with aluminum or steel to protect and enhance it. Many times, these are painted over, repeatedly, and end up losing some of their original beauty in the layers of paint.

Wrapping them in steel or aluminum will eliminate the need to repaint them, and will keep their original beauty fresh and pristine. Your siding installer should be highly skilled and trained in crafting custom trim to recreate the original design of your home. The ability to custom bend trim is critical in these cases, as pre-formed pieces are not likely to fit the exact dimensions of your wood work. Aside from the looks, however, pre-formed pieces will also not protect your home well – think of them as you would a tarp – if it has leaks and gaps, it will not protect what’s underneath.

What type of Satisfaction Guarantee does your company have?

A satisfaction guarantee is different than a warranty. A satisfaction guarantee means that the job is not complete until the homeowner is satisfied with the work – the installation, the craftsmanship, the cleanup, and every aspect of the job. The homeowner should not be expected to pay for the work until it is completed to their satisfaction, and some companies do guarantee this. Others do not. You will want to look for a company that keeps your satisfaction in mind and strives to meet it in every aspect of the work performed.

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